About Mage Malware Scanner

"Together we can combine our malware findings from the wild and share our knowledge with one another to defend and protect our fellow Magento community members." - Eric Hileman, CEO MageMojo

The Mage Malware Scanner project is based on Willem de Groot's local filesystem malware scanner. By working together with fellow council members, his scanner was extended to work in all environments, and auto update from a central repository of rules maintained here on the magesec.org website.

The central rule repository is maintained here in the magesec.org database. Rules are submitted via the magesec.org website. Anyone is welcome to submit a rule. Submitted rules are automatically scanned for a pre-check to confirm the rule does not trigger any false positives. If pre-checks pass, the rule is then automatically submitted to the Council Members for approval. The Council Members review and approve the rule which is then automatically included into the downloadable ruleset. You, the rule Contributor, will appear below in the list of Project Contributors. You can upload and edit your rules by registering an account on magesec.org.

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Project Contributors

  • Magemojo
  • Byte.nl
  • Jennifer King
  • Dx3webs
  • Jason
  • Leonid
  • Andrew Heard
Follow us on twitter @mage_sec for the latest Magento security news. Contribute to the magesec.org website on github magesec/magesec.